Private Safety Network

We strive to provide fast, effective, private communication. You have multiple options for who receives your messages, and as to how you categorize the priority of your messages. High Priority and an Emergency Broadcast maximize effectiveness in difficult situations. Your messages are encrypted for further privacy and safety; and, a GPS location is provided with each message and reply.

Complex message threads create a vast effective source of information for all users in virtually real-time speed. Administration has superior access and control to manage and resolve a crisis with speed and effectiveness. Linked networks with a hospital, to police, and other first responders heightens the effectiveness of a global response to assist Administration and all users in successful resolutions.


Private Safety Network with Avigilon

Alarms from Avigilon for forced doors, intruders, invalid scans, etc., can create Private Safety Network (PSN) message threads to groups that you select. This means that the message for a forced door alarm can go out to administration, security, whoever you choose, and it is received nearly immediately, and has a unique notification sound. Then, the recipients can use PSN as a communication system to coordinate responses, and provide information to everyone involved.

The Avigilon valid badge reads are used by PSN to provide location data of users. With it, responders can see who badged into the building and when.